Land till salu?

När jag gjorde lite research inför radiointervjun ramlade jag över några intressanta artiklar på nätet.  Bland annat den här, från IFI – International Forestry Investments: Läs gärna hela, den är inte så lång! Här kommer ändå några av analyserna den beräknande författaren gör (det är så man ryser…):

– The Spanish language country is a stable democracy, and has had a particularly stable policy concerning forestry. This is important for a resource that may take 2 decades to grow.

– Land prices are low, but have risen steadily over the last few years.

– There are no restrictions or limitations to ownership of land or businesses by foreign interests… There are no restrictions to repatriation of capital or profits.

– Rules developed to promote forestry investment provide a nearly tax-free investment. Plantations are exempt from land taxes. There is no income or earnings tax for companies or individuals for the sale of timber products. Equipment and supplies imported for use in forestry operations are exempt from tariffs and import duties

– Basic wages are low… One advantage of these plantations is that because of the gentle nature of the land and the drainage capabilities of the soil make the sites readily suitable for mechanical harvesting at low cost no matter what the future brings in the way of wage increases.

Jag hittade även den här, som om det vore monopol eller nåt:

How to Buy Land in Uruguay


By an eHow Contributing Writer

Article Rating: (3 Ratings)

Uruguay is quickly becoming one of the foreign investment hotspots of South America. The rich tracts of property, both coastal and country (and everything in between), combined with Uruguay’s foreigner friendly property laws make buying land in the country simple and sound. Follow these steps to buy property in Uruguay.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
  1. Step 1

    Decide between coastal, city and country property options. Uruguay has it all, from the sophisticated cityscapes of Montevideo to the eastern countryside plains and the increasingly glitzy beaches of places like Punto del Este. Eastern countryside prices are slowly increasing on account of Brazilian investment so if you’re looking for farmland act fast. Punto del Este and the Uruguayan coast are also becoming more desired, but prices are still very reasonable.

  2. Step 2

    Know your rights. Uruguay provides foreign investors with the full rights to buy and own property that citizens of the country enjoy. You should know that you do not have to pay any additional fees and are responsible for only 9 percent of the realtor and attorney’s fees that are accrued (the seller is responsible for the other five of the total 14 percent). VAT taxes do not apply to the transfer of real property in Uruguay.

  3. Step 3

    Get your guarantees. Uruguay law requires that a buyer receive four guarantees to make sure that there are no mortgages, liens or other debts levied against the property or the seller (in connection with the property). The first guarantee is from the Banco de Provision Social. The second guarantee is given to the realtor’s office. The third guarantee is for the Registro de Actos Personales and the last goes to the municipality.

  4. Step 4

    Register the property and notarize the transfer. Property law in Uruguay requires that the property be registered in its locality before a sale takes place (though generally properties are registered before they’re put on the market). To make the deal valid and official, a notary must be present at the exchange of signatures and checks. Without a notary the deal is invalid so be sure to get an official notary at the signing

Så jag undrar, är Uruguay till salu?

/ Pernilla


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Land till salu

Land till salu är arbetstiteln på ett halvtimmeslångt reportage om matsuveränitet och jordfrågan i Uruguay. Reportaget dyker upp på svenska i mitten av april, och kommer bland annat gå att titta på här.


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